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Our Story

On a mission to spread the Sunshine

Starting out as an at home bakery with dreams of making good gluten free options more readily available, our gluten free homemade goods come right out of the hearts and blessed taste buds of a mom and her three girls. As a double art major and a professional baker on the side, I've been told for years that I should open my own bakery. But I wasn't inspired until 2018 when I found out that years of allergic reactions was actually a wheat allergy! Nothing like telling a baker they are allergic to their main ingredient! This changed everything. Over the next few years, I got to see what life is like for those who cannot have gluten and how difficult it is, not only to find gluten free options at all, but even harder to find good gluten free options. Then the pandemic hit, and I had time to begin to perfect gluten free recipes. By the end of 2020, we had perfected enough gluten free recipes to begin working on opening the bakery. As of August 17th, 2023 our website is officially open for business and accepting orders as we plan for our Grand Opening at Farmers Market in Modesto, the 1st completely gluten free bakery in the Great Central Valley of California.

Our Vision

Our goal is to spread the Sunshine and make good gluten free options undistinguishable from wheat products available to the world. We are currently looking for investors to enable us to open the first gluten free bakery store front in Modesto, the heart of the Great Central Valley of California. 

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